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  • Freshmen will be provided a lyre and flip folder upon arrival to Band Camp at no additional cost.

  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors should already have a lyre and flip folder from last school year.
    If you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior who has misplaced yours, you can order them below.

  • Different lyres will fit differently to specific instruments based on manufacturer.  If your supply list includes a clamp-on, flutist friend, or percussion specific lyre, that is what needs to be purchased.  Stores may recommend other types of fitted lyres and flip folders that will NOT work for your marching situation.

  • In addition to ordering supplies from your favorite storefront or online supplier, you have the option of using the provided product-specific links to purchase your supplies.

Piccolo / Flute Supplies

Clarinet Supplies

Bass Clarinet Supplies

Alto Saxophone Supplies

Tenor Saxophone Supplies

Baritone Saxophone Supplies

Trumpet Supplies

Horn / Mellophone Supplies

Trombone Supplies

Baritone Supplies

Tuba / Sousaphone Supplies

Marching Snare Drum Supplies

Marching Tenor Drum Supplies

Marching Bass Drum Supplies

Crash Cymbals Supplies

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