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Since 2002, the ensembles of Lake Fenton High School have . . .


  • graduated 1 West Point United States Military Academy Graduate, 1 National Merit Scholar, 15 Lake Fenton High School Valedictorians, and more than half of Lake Fenton High School's Top 10 Honors students.

  • performed parades in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World five times (2005, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2022).

  • perform for a second time for a nationally syndicated television audience and 2 million live spectators
    in Chicago's Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade (November 2019)

  • hosted and performed three times in combination with GVSU GrooVe! an a cappella group from
    Grand Valley State University (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • performed a patriotic concert on the flight deck of the historic U.S.S. Intrepid Aircraft Carrier in New York City (2019)

  • traveled twice to Philadelphia and New York City with a performance (2007) and clinic (2019)
    in Quakertown, Pennsylvania en route.

  • performed in combination with the University of Michigan Jazz Ensemble (April 2018)

  • performed at the 15th Annual Thornapple Arts Council Jazz Festival in Hasting (April 2018)

  • toured the University of Notre Dame and performed at the The Gridiron of South Bend, IL (April 2018)

  • performed a Primetime Performance at a Detroit Pistons Basketball Game at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit (2018)

  • performed in the Silver Bells In The City Electric Light Parade at the Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing (2017)

  • performed at Flint Firebirds Hockey Games twice at Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center in Flint (2017)

  • hosted a combined clinic at Lake Fenton High School with members of the Quakertown Community High School Bands, from Quakertown, Pennsylvania (2017)

  • performed for the Rotary Club of Fenton upon their visit to Lake Fenton High School (2017)

  • performed for Michigan Superintendent for Public Education Brian Whiston upon his tour of the Lake Fenton Community Schools (February 2017)

  • performed twice in combination with the instrumental and vocal ensembles of the
    Flint School of Performing Arts  (2013, 2016).

  • performed in combination with the Michigan State University Symphony Band (2016).

  • been featured on nationally syndicated television across 93% of the United States as they performed for 2 million live spectators in the 25th Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade in Chicago, Illinois (2016).

  • performed in the Michigan State University Homecoming Parade three times (2009, 2011, 2016).

  • performed in the Lake Fenton Homecoming Parade 19 times.

  • performed in the Fenton Jinglefest Parade 16 times.

  • celebrated 16 years of performance in the beautiful and recently acoustically improved Lake Fenton High School Auditorium.

  • performed for the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association in Grand Blanc, Michigan (2016)

  • performed a Primetime Performance at a Detroit Pistons Basketball Game at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan (2015)

  • performed the Star Spangled Banner at two Detroit Tigers Baseball Games at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan (2006, 2015).

  • traveled to Washington, DC and performed a patriotic performance at the National World War II Memorial (2015).

  • traveled to the University of Akron to clinic with Dr. Galen Karriker (2015)

  • performed a patriotic performance at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan (2015).

  • performed for the Michigan Lt. Governor and Secretary of State at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner in Flint, Michigan (2014).

  • performed an exhibition performance at the Big House Invitational in Michigan Stadium (2014)

  • performed in combination with the University of Michigan Marching Band in the Big House Battle (2014).

  • been featured on nationally syndicated television in 114 cities across the United States to 65 million households as they performed for 1 million live spectators in America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit, Michigan (2013).

  • hosted and performed in combination with the Courbevoie Youth Orchestra of Paris, France (2013)

  • performed for the Genesee County Association of School Boards in Frankenmuth, Michigan (2012).

  • performed in the Big Day Prep Showdown at Eastern Michigan University (2011).

  • traveled to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario, to clinic at the Toronto Centre of the Arts
    with Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds of the University of Toronto (2011).

  • taken first place in the Tuscola County Pumpkin Festival Parade amongst 15 other marching bands (2008, 2010).

  • performed in the Tulip Time Festival Muziekparade in Holland, Michigan twice (2008, 2010).

  • performed at a Flint Generals Hockey Game at Perani and Event Center in Flint, Michigan (February 2008)

  • performed in combination with the University of Michigan-Flint Wind Ensemble (2005).

  • performed in combination with the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Jazz Band (2004).

  • performed at the Michigan Association of School Boards Annual Inaugural Conference at the Lansing Convention Center (2004).

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