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Justine Bicego

I believe that if I was given the opportunity for a leadership position, I would be able to fill the position and take on the responsibilities that come with it. In the past as being a squad leader I have learned to be patient with people and truly understand the concept about how everyone moves at their own pace. I have been a leader by teaching kids how to march, and recently have been assisting in teaching a kid how to play the saxophone. Holding the position of deputy section leader allowed me to see what the job of being section leader requires of you, and it gave me opportunities to lead. Outside of band I have also held leadership positions such as being a wyldlife leader and previously a JV softball captain. Through these positions, I was given ample opportunity to lead and grow as a leader allowing me to become comfortable in holding leadership positions. I know there is no such thing as a perfect leader, but I am willing to put in the effort needed for me to be the best leader I can be.

Brionna Bossert

I think what makes me the most qualified leader for these positions is my ability to work and lead large groups of people, especially under pressure. I am currently involved in all bands that our school offers, and have held a previous leadership position as a squad leader. As squad leader I learned to take responsibility of my peers and to be patient with everyone. Everyone moves at their own pace, so listening to them and what they need is important to be a good leader. You must listen to others to make improvements. I hope this position will allow me to expand my influence among the music community.


Nicole Dudin

I have been apart of the LFMB for almost five years, and in those five years I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. From learning how to properly play my instrument, to learning how to be a leader, my years of playing have shown me how much I want to lead this band. I love every second I'm in class, whether it's joking around with Jahvon or helping with uniforms. Being qualified doesn't just mean having experience, it means having the love and compassion for the entire band. From my one year of leading the piccolos, I can honestly say it was the most fun I've ever had, so why not lead an entire band and have 10xs the fun?! I hope to learn and grow even more as a leader and person if given the opportunity to be the next Lake Fenton 2018/2019 Drum Major.


Rebecca Florida

In order to succeed you must lead in a way in which people want to follow you. Drum major has been my personal goal since middle school and I’d give it my all to be able to do that. I am confident I am more than capable of the position and all the completed tasks it requires, not only do I posses the proper characteristics but I care about the position and the band. I want to help the band succeed.


Joseph Lamb

I personally feel that after the experience of becoming Drum Major the first time, (trying to get to know everyone, or what to advise in certain situations) I can use that knowledge to help make the marching band season more enjoyable for those marching than last year...hopefully with less voice cracks


Shiloh Lichowid-Smith

I care so much about this Band, that for me, it is a second family. I feel like because of the commitment that almost makes me obligated to bettering my family that is this band; a commitment that drives me based on the sheer joy I receive from its company that I can bring an energy and joy to its members. In short, I am trying out for Drum Major, because I feel like I would dedicate my heart and soul to make our family the best it can be.


Madisen McDaniel

I'm willing to take on any challenge that is throw my way. I can have discipline but also know when to have fun. I'm finally ready to show people that even though I haven't yet had a title of leadership, I can and will be a leader no matter what. I'm reliable and trustworthy.


Christian Parker

I have been a part of Lake Fenton Marching Band since my eighth grade year. Not only do I have experience, I have also been squad leader for two years and section leader for one. As section leader, I planned numerous section gatherings such as an pre-band camp introduction, a pancake social, and a Christmas party. Band is undoubtedly my top priority, as I want to be the greatest leader and musician that I can. I’m involved in all of the bands that our school offers, and I participate in activities designed to hone leadership skills. For example, just last week I went to an eight hour conference concerning leadership skills, and I’m applying for another conference similar to this one in Canada for 3 days. I will do whatever it takes to make band the greatest experience possible for all involved, as the leaders before me have done.


Gabriella Pennington

I'm patient when giving instruction. I understand how my instrument works and the fundamentals of marching. I've tutored new players and have been in marching band since my 8th grade year. I get along well with other people.


Julia Reyes

I have done concert band since 6th Grade. I have been in Marching band a total of 4 years: two years of Trumpet as well as two years of Color Guard. During my Freshman year I joined the Lake Fenton Winter Guard and participated in Jazz Band my Sophomore year. I will put in all my time and effort to make sure that I fulfill my role. I want everyone's Marching Band experience to be as awesome as mine has been (:


Logan Shanafelt

I am one of the most qualified people for Drum Major, Section Leader and/or Squad Leader because I am passionate and positive about the band. Band is something that i have done for a long time and something i would like to continue for even longer. I am also not one to exclude anyone and I am not one to discriminate anyone by their appearance, abilities to play and march, nationality, etc. I always will give a strong support system to anyone who needs it, and am always open to helping ANYONE with anything. I have made it a goal to be the best that I can be in this ensemble and I will forever strive to be a better musician, leader, and friend.


Alyssa Snow

I believe that a number of things could qualify me as a student leader for any of these positions. I will quickly learn my role in the band, and I will do my job well. I would be willing to take whatever time is needed in order to work on anything that needs work. I can keep people motivated and focused on the task at hand. As a leader, I will be willing to help teach as well as cooperate with others.

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