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Trip Highlights

Hover over or click on the images below to reveal the full photos.  These are from our most recent 2013 visit to Walt Disney World.

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

You're Instrumental Workshop

You're Instrumental Workshop

Travel Party Group Photo

Travel Party Group Photo

A view from the train station!

A view from the train station!

Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A.

Below is a compilation video from our 2013 peformance in Walt Disney World that was created using footage from Lake Fenton Band families along the entire parade route.

Spring Break 2017

Day 1: Sunday, April 2, 2017

  • Late afternoon departure for Florida


Day 2: Monday, April 3, 2017

  • Travel Day

  • Late afternoon arrival in Florida

  • Enjoy hotel amenities


Day 3: Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Day 4: Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Day 5: Thursday, April 6, 2017


Day 6: Friday, April 7, 2017


Day 7: Saturday, April 8, 2017

  • Travel Day

  • Evening arrival in Michigan

Disney Performing Arts Workshop

Sight-read, prepare, and record a polished performance of special Disney music selections in a studio environment like a professional musician.


Workshop Overview


Students learn how to get the most out of your rehearsals and learn how to execute a pitch-perfect performance as they hone their sight-reading skills under the guidance of an experienced Disney Teaching Artist. This 2 1/2-hour workshop is designed for high school bands.


Your group will examine the skills, attitudes, and priorities essential to musical excellence and culminate with a very special finale: a recording of your ensemble performing Disney music accompanied by footage from a classic Disney animated film!

Performers work toward musical and technical proficiency in a recording studio environment as they:

  • Sight-read arrangements of Disney music

  • Incorporate accuracy and expressiveness to maximize rehearsal productivity.

  • Emphasize intonation, balance and tone quality and follow the conductor's interpretation.

  • Discuss the requirements of a studio recording environment and what is expected of performers.

  • Experience the excitement of the world of a professional studio musician.


National Core Arts Standars


Disney Performing Arts Workshops fulfill many of the standards set forth in the National Core Arts Standards in which students create, perform, respond, and connect. Click HERE for the specific standards explored through this experience.

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